UPVC Double Glazing

Double-glazing not only improves the security and insulation of your home it improves the appearance with its bright clean sharp finish and adds to the value of your property.James Glass & Glazing UPVC Window Profile


Internal glazing for added security

James Cole Glass & Glazing UPVC Double Glazing is internally glazed which means the glass is installed from the inside this makes the glazing more secure as you have to be on the inside of the house to remove the glass. All windows and doors are fitted with high security locks.


Pilkington k glass

James Cole Glass & Glazing UPVC Double Glazing includes Pilkington K glass as standard. Homeowners are showing a higher interest in how to maintain the temperature of the home to the required level. This is as important in the summer as it is in the winter. Solar control glass is very effective and having a home too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer is now in your control. James Glass & Glazing UPVC Windows



James Cole Glass & Glazing are trained to carry out a full inspection of your required work making sure that every thing is carefully considered prior to manufacture. It is very important that the size is correct and any ancillaries are listed to ensure a smooth trouble free installation.



You will be contacted by James Cole Glass & Glazing to arrange a suitable installation appointment. On the day of installation, the first job in hand is to protect your property. Protection boards are laid where necessary and dust-sheets are used to protect entry points of the home and working areas for installation. Furniture close to working areas is covered with protection sheets. James Glass & Glazing UPVC WindowsCare is taken from the first moment James Cole Glass & Glazing enter your property.


Careful removal of the existing windows and doors is very important. Damaged bricks and plaster just make the job harder so it is policy to take more care and reduce the additional unnecessary work. When the opening is clean and the working area is tidy the new double-glazing is fitted. Frames are fixed in the correct places to ensure the outer frame is firmly fixed, straight and not in anyway twisted. Taking the time to install the outer frame correctly ensures the seals work properly.