What better way of adding light and space into your home, than with the addition of a stylish conservatory. A quality conservatory is not simply another room tagged-on, but a purpose designed extension to your home - an integral part of your living space.


When James Cole Glass & Glazing design and build a conservatory they handle the project from start to finish. This professional approach means that you needn't worry about glazing, flooring or building regulations. More importantly they only use the correct materials for the job, no compromise on quality or performance. 


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Conservatories for all year use:

Conservatories are probably one of the most dramatic and cost effective improvements you can make to your home, especially if it can be used all year around. Well designed conservatories add flexible living space and will increase the value of your property, that's why James Cole Glass & Glazing offers you a free design consultation which results in your own bespoke conservatory, providing an invaluable place to work, play, dine or simply relax and entertain.



If you want to use your new conservatory at all times of the year, you need to ensure that your conservatory is not too hot in summer or too cold in winter. James Cole Glass & Glazing will advice you on the best insulation, heating and ventilation systems for your individual needs.


Conservatories are all about space:

Everyone’s use of a conservatory is slightly different. James Cole Glass & Glazing will help you consider all the available conservatory styles, shapes and sizes, glass and glazing options and at a price to suit you. Your conservatory is not just a roof, frames and glass, it is an extra room, creating extra family space, often becoming the most frequently used, versatile living space in your home. 


Sacrificing a small garden area can often provide a surprisingly large living space for you to enjoy your new conservatory making it a better use of space all year round.


Conservatories south facing: If your conservatory is south facing it will benefit from a solar reflecting high performance glass or polycarbonate roof, with a good ventilation system.


Conservatories north facing:

A north-facing conservatory has the opposite problem to a south facing conservatory and you should choose glazing with the highest insulating factor you can afford. James Cole Glass & Glazing can demonstrate the possibilities for you.


Conservatory roof ventilation:

Fitting roof vents provides good ventilation. They can be operated manually or by remote control depending on the chosen system.


Glazing cost options:

As with most products available on the market it comes down to cost. The more you pay the better the glazing. This does not mean there is anything wrong with the glazing options at the lower end of the budget they just do a different job.


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